By Abdullahi O Haruna Haruspice.

Women are the reason for life, undermine women you suffer damnation. Women rule the world and there is no doubt about that. Women make the world and can mar it.

If you want to succeed, involve a woman. If you want more success, involve women. A woman is 10 times ready and willing to help than a man would. They have the heart to always want to make the world happy. That this world is where it is today is because of the resilience and sacrifices of women.

Women endure our rubbish, clean them up and provide another template for our misdemeanor. They are perpetually at our services and tragically, we always leave them bare and stranded. A woman would leave her household where she had spent years under care and love and come live with you a total stranger for life. What is more daring than that? Whoever make a woman cry sure can never be pardoned.

For our follies, women give up their pride, for our comfort, they forfeit their today. Just when they are to enjoy their toils, we pay them back in abandonment. Women live in absentia because of us. They love us while we like them, they profess Jealousy while we exude envy. Women strive to impress us while we fight to impress the world.

Like nature, women continue to regenerate themselves for our thriving. Because they are our temple of love, we must therefore continue to worship them in the sanctuary of sacredness. Man is all vain, empty, unmotivated and rudderless without women. May the toils of women never suffer droughts.

Because women are the air of our existence, I choose everyday to celebrate them in eternal reverence. Happy worthy day of recognition to all the good women of the world.
Womanly musing

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