I had to stop the Intellectual Masturbation.

Morgan Ekanem- Uyo

I am a Christian by the mercies of Christ and I belief that masturbation is a sin. Though there exist much argument on the subject particularly as the word “masturbation” is not mentioned as sin in the bible, I stand my ground that it passes as sin.

Aside spiritual justifications, masturbation is sin because it takes as much energy as actual sex (albeit psychological) but ends up in wastage by the spilling of the sperm. This is sin; to waste that which if used would have perhaps brought forth a great destiny.

It is on such grounds that I term my series on “The Nigeria of my Dream: The Pathway”, an intellectual masturbation. I task my brain and read through history and biographies of many nations and think up possible solutions for the Nigerian state without the needed facility (whether of a listening man with power to implement same or an office whose privileges can fund the implementation of my ideas) to implement them. This is indeed a wastage of thoughts and ideas.

Should I shout out “eureka, eureka” like Achemedes upon my discoveries of the way out for my country, I’ll only be wasting my energy masturbating my intellect until I’m ready to follow up with his second shout “give me a place to stand and I’ll change my nation?”. If I’m not ready for the second shout, then the first shout should be put on abeyance until an opportune time.

Between now and then, let the world know that intellectuals are not experiencing any recession but some may just have decided to be silent until they like Osibanjo gain access to hold the scepter of authority whether by chance or by plan.

I hereby put back my penis into my starched boxer; let my mind be at rest for the leaders are not reading and though they read they may not understand what the angel is saying to the church! We shall arise at a time soon to come, at a very predictable future when we may have built ourselves into the very brick with which the Nigerian economic superstructure consists.

Who owns #TilapiaResort under the Ediene Bridge?

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