Enare Abang

Theses are unforgettable truth about men.

Men are more sensitive than you may ever realize. Be cautious what you say to him. If you insult him, he will never forget that and it will eat away at him.
He needs constant reassurance.

He needs to be told everyday how much you love him and how much he means to you and when you think you’ve said it enough for one day, say it again. They are two polar opposite sides to him.

The one he puts on when he is in a social setting, the other one he’ll put on when you’re alone. That’s the real him. Stripped down and raw, so vulnerable and afraid to show that side to the world I’m not sure why. If he starts to drift, let him, sometimes he needs to drift to see what else is out there but don’t worry, if he loves you, he’ll come back to you.

He’s very sensitive when he drinks. The alcohol brings out all the feelings his tough guy side is afraid to let go.
He might sob in your arms, he might throw a punch at the wall or he might spill out his secrets sometimes he is overloaded and it breaks him so… Quick tip ladies, just hug him. As simple as it sounds, guys love hugs and enjoy in them but they want to be those “strong” ones and never admit that. But actually they find peace in the arms of the ones they love.

Learn to be your man’s comfort and not his problem, that way you won’t lose him to another woman.

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