Information flying around about a Doctor that jumped into the lagoon yesterday and i heard he was just 35 years…

So at 35 he was a doctor…had a car(an SUV) and even a driver, i learnt the mum was visited at her residence in Lekki which means he is probably from a well to do family,so by Nigerian standard, he seem to me a successful young man in all ramifications.
A lot of his mates may actually look forward to being like him or probably envy how well he his doing. Being a Sunday i also imagined he actually may be on his way from Church.

My guess is, he was depressed, tired and maybe stressed out and the sad truth is that no one knew( or may i say no one cares) about what he was going through and this may be because he didn’t discuss with anyone or no one cared enough to listen or notice his suicidal tendencies…

So i will ask the same questions i was asked.
When last did we check on a friend that we haven’t heard from in a while?
When last did we visit some one we knew was finding things difficult?
When last did we put a call through to a friend that just lost a job or the one that just got one and stressed out of the schedule?
When we see someone who had it going so well and all of a sudden is finding it hard to make ends meet, do we make fun of them?
When was the last time we called the name of a friend in prayers?
When was the last time you encouraged someone?
Did you notice that lady is reserved these days? Have you asked, i mean really asked How she is? And do you even care enough to listen.

The economy of the country is very tough and survival is becoming very hard. Look around and you will see it on people’s faces and if you listen closely, you will hear it in every words they mutter.

Now this is why i am writing this long epistle.
We really need start watching out for each other.
We need to call more.
We have to visit each other more
We have to smile more, put up an encouraging posture inspites of whatever we are dealing with,believe me; someone is having it worse.
We never know who needs just a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on or just someone to cry with them and tell them “everything is going to be alright:

I think it is time we deliberatly go out of our ways to make at least 1 person smile in a day.

And if you are reading this and you are going through..know these
We are all going through some difficult moments trust me when i say “this too will pass and everything is going to be alright”
So please Hold on, Hang on;
And if you ever have no reason to…. Just think of the rest of us going through one thing or the other.

God is for us all
We Shall Overcome Someday.

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