Sunday Umanah, Omoba Oyebanji Ademuyiwa James, Michael Odiong, Timothy Ekpo, Emmanuel Offiong, Etop Akwang, Ifure Ufford-Azorbo, Ofonime Inyang, Angela Umana, Mandu Ben, Perekeme Odon, Utibe Ubiam, Victor Thompson, the list is endless….

O ye descendants of Thespis…
Hearken and come to Acropolis
Sophocles and Aristophanes calleth thee…
Speed ye hence and fall on thy knee…

Today,(March 27,2017)the ancient scrolls have been unlocked
The nib of Euripides feathered pen has been docked
It ceases to flow unless you the summons obey
Come now or the sacred price you all will pay

Hurry to the shine… Let not these green horns thy place take… Ubon Awak, Ubong George, Aniebiet Unwana Mbede
Thespian Kokoette Inyangudo are all on cue…
Gather before you witness Altines Wrath.
Come let’s sing the Song of a Goat…
This is not a game for kids it is A Play of Giants…
Can’t you see the Frogs at Noon?
Or you want them to Install the Princess?
Remember Ekpo Akpara and the lewd imagery…
It’s not a thing for children…Come for the Fight has Just Begun.

Where is King Emene?
The people insist The King Must Dance Naked…
Tell him to come with The Broken Calabash, for he must explain Who Sold Etebom.

Time and space will not permit
Today is World Theatre Day…
It is the gathering of the tribe…
Let’s us spill the blood of the ewe at the shrine while it is day…
I am still a Son of the Land…

This great piece ushered this awesome day internationally accepted as the World Theatre Day.

Great ideas flowed profusely as scholars and Theatre practitioners took their turns to furnish the audience that gathered at Little Play House,University of Uyo,Uyo for World Theatre Day 2017

Picture excerpts:



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