Looking good is very important but how many men actually know what it takes to look good?

*Here are 18 style rules every man should live by*

1. Your belt should match your shoes.
2. If you are wearing a black suit, wear black shoes.
3. If you are wearing gray, blue, tan or a combination thereof, please use brown shoes.
4. Get a haircut regularly. Don’t wait until everyone around you knows you need one.
5. Never go out without a wristwatch.
6. If you want a thinner and smart look, go for vertical-striped shirts.
7. You should have at least three suits in your wardrobe.

8- Your tie should cover your collar button down to your top trouser button. Anything longer or shorter makes you look awkward.
9- Have at least one pair of dress shoes.
10- Wear slippers only at home and the beach. Never leave your house with slippers.

11- If you want to use a tie, use it properly. Avoid wearing a tie with a untucked shirt or wearing a tucked shirt with a slightly loosened tie.
12- Never match blazers with dress trousers.
13- Do not leave your house with wrinkled clothes.
14- Match your belt to your belt loops. Don’t wear a thin dress belt with trousers that have big belt loops.
15- Always have an elegant pen with you. It helps you look sophisticated and ready.
16- Have lots of white shirts because white shirts make you look like a boss.

17- Wear simple t-shirts without a photo or write-up on it. They make you look simple but sophisticated.
18- Your trousers are too short if you can see your socks as you walk. Your trousers should end just at the top of your shoes.

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