Akpabio Glory Datoyo

The right man probably won’t be your type at first and your attraction to him maybe neutral.

But,his friendship,efforts & determination to get to know you will get you hooked♥💯.

Have you overlook that guy who is not packaged like,the man in your fantasy but is always there for you in reality?😥😦

How important is peace of mind,drama free life and happiness to you😀? It is time to fish. You cast your net and it catches a dolphin,”no way,not as big as I’d want it,i want a whale “Finally your net catches the whale,it tries hard to eat you. It may not succeed in swallowing you,but the scars it leaves on you will take a long time to heal. While you’re nursing the scar,the dolphin swims by again but you’re too much in pains to see any fish as worth catching.

A woman who wants genuine happiness in a relationship or marriage should place more value on things like morality,honesty,loyalty and decency in a man than on his affluence and fame👍.

We want something good but how can we obtain it in a wrong way and expect it to last👎?I used(past tense) to be a sucker for fine boys,yes i mean it but overtime i realized it was more about the content not the label so i borrowed myself some brain. Again,i remembered when i used to put every guy i met into the same box,in my head,they were all the”same”(ignorance,i was so wrong,forgive my ignorance😰).

Most of my Friend’s,cousin’s,auntie’s etc married the opposite of what they’ve always dated and wanted and guess what? they’re super duper Happy with their choices. When it comes to lifetime decisions,character and how he treat’s you should be your number one concern not looks. The man you’re looking for doesn’t exist,he’s in your head and dreams.

Else,you’ll have to consider going to Enugu to pick red clay and mould one for yourself. (Good luck with that).😃 When i hear some men complain bitterly about the things women have done to them,i pinch myself.

Some of them have bought this notion that they’re no trustworthy ladies,but i look at myself and know I’m good(not perfect),and then i came to the conclusion that i can’t be the only good person on earth so i started being more receptive,i gave them a welcome seat in the lobby of my heart and allow them to unpack,of cos a mixture of them came through but this made me realize they’re still good men out there,met a handful.👏

So,my dear ladies look beyond the package.Choose substance over glamour✌


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