You may think you will never meet an enigmatic, fierce and energetic female in this lifetime until your path will cross Amazing Tope. It won’t be out of place to call her Vintage.

Tope walks with grace. Tall, dark and stern. She is not the woman with hourglass body but she draws attention by just walking pass you. Her low cut is lit and her regular masculine dress code confuses opinionated people on who she really is as she cannot be predicted.

You see, Tope is not the regular lady your ego has been used to. Don’t think I’m referring to just the male readers in this context. Well, if you are a female, you probably haven’t met someone like my Amazing Tope. She is the type of lady you will give out anything to spend few minutes with.

Tope is a strong woman in all sense of the word strong. There are several sides to her person but I’ll guide you through an aspect of her that will cause you a little bit of emotional concern.

‘’To all the men whom we loved and never loved us back, may they find ‘happiness’, yeah’’…this has become Tope’s daily anthem.

Don’t get it twisted, Tope is a happy woman. A single mom with a heart for children and the less privileged.

She runs a pet project for children labeled with witchcraft. If you attempt splitting her monthly income into the regular structure of feeding, rent, clothing and miscellaneous, you will fail because it is too meager to cover all expenses of an average single mom. But Amazing Tope runs a happy life with that meager sum.

Here is an insight;
Vintage Tope runs a fashion blog
Sews on weekends.
And still successfully run her pet project.
Here is where she makes extra money
She finds solace and peace in these activities.
She is strength personified!

Amazing Tope works 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. She sews for her female clients Saturdays and visits the children at Amazing Tope Foundation every evening. Well, she writes content for her blog at night. Vintage!

I am one of the many young women who never liked Tope until recently. Like others, I saw Tope as haughty and unapproachable.
“i live and love my peace.I am my own imspiration.I embrace this womanhood and all that it comes with, I am my muse” She boasts everytime.

And because she lives in my neighborhood and carries the atmosphere of sophistication and arrogance, it was easy for me to assume many negative things about her. Everyone including me saw Tope as a bad woman who left her marriage for no reason. Besides, even if there were reasons, society despises and stigmatizes women who leave their marriage. No reason is justifiable. It was only natural I followed suit.

Today I adore Tope. I know how I came about appreciating her. She earned it overtime. I got convinced. I didn’t think I’ll ever get to sit to learn anything socially acceptable form her, but to my greatest surprise, we share lots in common.
She is a fighter.
A forward thinking individual.
An advocate.
A typical I-don’t-care-if-you-like-me person.
She is courageous.

Last weekend I lost my sanity after a heartbreaking experience. Amazing Tope was there to hold my hands. She encouraged me through.

Tope also runs a relationship program using her blog space. Year in year out, she features heartbreak stories in her blog and because she has traffic there, public spirited individuals look into the stories and offer humanitarian supports.

Amazing Tope is able to do all of these because she survived an abusive marriage. She got a relief by taking a bow from an abusive husband and today, she is offering relief to thousands of children and youths. Vintage!

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