Some ladies have nothing to offer apart from looking sexy,argue all you want but this is the truth😕.

Most of them spend all their time and resources on their appearance forgetting that he’ll not be horny for the rest of his life.🤓
They’re times when he’ll only need a woman to share his problems with and seek for genuine advice and your miniskirts,lace wigs,closures,bobbi,fine face and long lashes will bring nothing to that table.😛(ko le werk!)There would be days he would need your managerial skills but you’re only used to living lavish. OSHEY!SLAY QUEEN ON FLEEK.
Don’t spend all your days contouring,fixing the longest nails,widest lashes and turning up wherever DJ*** carries his speakers to. Build yourself,acquire a skill or two,do things that will add value to you as a person. Being beautiful and “segzy” doesn’t prevent you from being dumb at the end of the day.We need more than “SLAY QUEEN’S”❤
Virtue over slay queen

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