You won’t` believe how many health benefits WATERMELON seeds have!

Watermelon is a delicious fruit! While you enjoy its sweetness, you can also take advantage of the health benefits of watermelon seeds. These seeds are not only a source of energy, they are also healthy. Take a look at the top 10 benefits of watermelon seeds!

Top 10 Benefits of Seeds

1. Amino Acid Source

What health benefits do watermelon seeds have? It’s rich in amino acids. Watermelon seeds are rich in glutamic and tryptophan acids. They help the formation of collagen and arginine which make your hair shiny and healthy!

2. Magnesium Source

Doctors recommend eating watermelon seeds as they are a good source of magnesium. Only 100 grams of seeds can give you 139% of your daily magnesium requirement. Your heart can`t function properly without magnesium. So, if you want to avoid cardiovascular diseases – keep in mind this health benefits of watermelon seeds.

3. Lycopene

If you want to improve male fertility, then you need to eat products with lycopene. It`s proven that lycopene increases the number of spermatozoids. It`s one of the main factors of male fertility. That`s why you should not forget about this watermelon seeds health benefit.

4. Vitamin B Source

Vitamin B is also one of the watermelon seeds benefits. Vitamin B in watermelon includes pantothenic acid, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin B6, and folate. If you want your blood to be in the healthy condition, then vitamin B is your savior!

5.Youthful Skin

Watermelon seeds are essential parts of scrubs. It prevents signs of skin aging. One of the health benefits of watermelon seeds is its antioxidant effect. It helps to heal your skin. Watermelon seeds can help to keep the skin firm, well-toned, soft and moisturized!

6. Watermelon Fats

Healthy fats are the main advantage and health benefits of watermelon seeds. Omega 6 fat helps to reduce LDL cholesterol in your body. In the long run, it will help you to reduce risks of heart diseases.

7. Watermelon Seeds Oil

Other names for watermelon seed oil are Kalahari Oil or Ootanga Oil. They are very beneficial for your skin. They can help to clean skin pores and moisturize your skin. This super seed is an essential ingredient for various baby oils.

8. Watermelon: Oil and Hair

Skin is not the only part of your body which can enjoy the advantages of watermelon seeds. The light texture of the seed oil can also help you to clear the pores of your scalp. Moisturizing benefits will keep your hair growing strong and healthy as well.

9. Watermelon Seeds Tea

Another good usage of the seeds is watermelon tea. If you drink at least one cup of tea per week, you can decrease risks of cardiac ailments. The minerals in the tea can also help to stabilize the metabolic processes.

10. Kidney Cleansing

Watermelon tea and seeds can be used for kidney cleansing. This effect was described by Edward Cayce. He was the first man who showed the world this tea. This was seventy-seven years ago. Modern Scientists have proven that this man was right. Watermelon seeds tea can help with the elimination of kidney stones and urinary infections.

Keep in Mind!

Health Benefits of Watermelon seeds are enormous, but do not overuse them! Even Edward Cayce did not recommend you drink this tea too often. If you take medications, please, consult with your doctor about drinking the tea. Do not go overboard when it comes to enjoying the benefits of watermelon seeds.

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