#DATTIESDIARES:…realistic with your decisions.

And when you’re choosing a life partner,you’re choosing so many thing’s including someone who’ll deeply influence your children.

Your eating companion for more than 15,000 meals,your travel partner for 100 vacations or more,your leisure time and retirement friend,someone who’s presence will either calm your storms or get you more infuriated😊, your ambassador (how well will they represent you when they’re away?),you’re indirectly choosing someone who’s personality you’ll live with for over 50 year’s.

Choose a partner who’s good for you,not good for your parent’s,not good for your standards,not good for your bank account but good for you as an individual.

This is why i always say”take it one person at a time” to really get to the depth of what you know will be good for you.When you keep tripping on and off,you’ll mix up thing’s and my darling you’re the one getting confused and disoriented.
Just one person is enough,if you don’t get what you want then switch not having them in bundles.🚶

S/n:I didn’t say you should reject the ring,I’m nor saying you shouldn’t”pop the question”.All I’m saying is;forget these razzmatazz and be more analytical and realistic with your decisions.


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