I Am A Proud Me..

By Faith Udom

Journeying through life, I have been told too often how weird I am and can be. A couple of times, that made me shrink, feel sad and even cry when i felt it was necessary.

Time and time again, I kept trying to be that person everyone wanted me to be but it never worked. I avoided both large and small gatherings not just because I felt weird but because this “weirdness” had grown into something way uncontrollable.

I became shy and as a result counted my words before I uttered same. I couldn’t just feel ‘normal’ and be spontaneous. I constantly got reminded by people how immeasurable this weirdness was.

I remember being called out once by a friend who said, “Dee, it’s not all about the fact that you are beautiful, intelligent, sometimes reserved… I mean 89% reserved, you still suck”. Wow!!! I felt that was the best compliment I ever got.

Despite the fact that I still try to keep my shoulders high, eyes above every head and walk into a room as though I owned it and every moment was about me, I still find it quite difficult to get rid of the fact that “WEIRD” is who I am.

Hold on! Let’s face it! What’s wrong in being weird? It’s just me standing out in a crowd and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I am Ubokhoabasi Faith Udom. I am weird and trust me when I say so.

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