MOKE’S TASTY KITCHEN: …a Beautiful Enigma

MOKE’S TASTY KITCHEN offers you yummy Nigerian meals. MOKE’S TASTY KITCHEN also provides all catering services and is the one food shop you cannot avoid to miss when next you visit the Houston,Texas. The shop serves you real African meals. According to the CEO, Ms. Ekomobong Etuk ‘the birth of MOKE’S TASTY KITCHEN became necessary given the ever increasing hunger for maximum food saturation.

The meals are irresistable and delicious as it is prepared by trusted and seasoned hands. They are accessible once you make the order. The list is endless and leaves you satisfied, be rest assured that the memories will always beckon and what other option do you have than give them a trial now and you won’t be disappointed.

No oil okra soup, cooked with fresh Mackerel fish, fresh shrimps, periwinkle, shaki (beef tripe), beef and Nkòr-nkòr(large periwinkle).

Enjoy our goat meat and tendon stew!

Afang soup cooked with goat meat, stockfish, cow skin and dry fish.

Afang soup smoked with cow skin, beef tendon, stock fish and periwinkle.

Egusi soup with bitterleaf, cow skin, tendon, stock fish and periwinkle.

Our delicious Edikang Ikong soup.

Our yummy yummy seasoned and spicy drumsticks.

Our delicious fried fish marinated in pepper sauce.

You don’t want to miss this delicious peppered goat meat.

Ekpang Nkukwo on fleeks ready for pick up!

Call 281-624-5287 or visit

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